Fujikura 90S
Fujikura 90S

Fujikura 90S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer. The Fujikura 90S Core Alignment Single Fiber Fusion Splicer, equipped with Bluetooth, offers automated… [READ MORE]

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Fujikura FID-30R /FID-31R

Optical Fiber Identifier Fujikura FID-30R /FID-31R with Optical Power Meter One-Shot, Detects All. World’s highest signal detection sensitivity ONU signal… [READ MORE]

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Fujikura 70S

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer Fujikura 70S World’s Quickest Splicing 6sec Tube-heating 9sec. Automated Wind-Protector. Minimum manual operation. Splice in 4… [READ MORE]

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Fujikura 62S

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer Fujikura 62S The World Standard Splicer. Core-to-Core alignment splicer Fast splicing time 6sec./tube heating time 15sec…. [READ MORE]

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Fujikura 22S

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer Fujikura 22S The Advanced FTTH Splicer Excellent for FTTH World’s Smallest & Lightest Active V-groove Splicer… [READ MORE]

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Fujikura 12S

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer Fujikura 12S Fixed v-groove, Dual-axis observation system. ·        Excellent for FTTH. ·        World’s Smallest & Lightest…. [READ MORE]

Price: Rp 52,900,000