Router RTX 5000

Authorized Distributor Fujikura, Yokogawa & AFL in Indonesia

VPN Concentrator Router for large scale network

VPN Concentrator to connect up to 3,000 locations

The RTX5000 is the ideal VPN concentrator to be installed in a center office or a data center for retail and service industry having many branches.
The RTX5000 can support many equipments in LAN side, which makes it suitable for a large scale network such as government agencies, hospitals, schools and hotels.


WAN / LAN4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN1/2 are 4-port Gigabit Ethernet managed switch)
LAN switching functionPort separation, LAN segmentation (Port base VLAN), Port mirroring, Link aggregation
microSD slot1 (up to 32GB)
Console port1 (RJ-45, RS-232C)
Flash ROM128MB
Operating temperature0-40 degree Celsius
Operating humidity15-80% RH
Power supply input range100-240VAC (50Hz/60Hz)
Maximum power consumption38W
Dimensions (excluding cables and connectors)445(W)×44(H)×400(D)mm
Weight (excluding accessories)4.7kg
Body materialMetal case, 2 fans
ThroughputUp to 4Gbps
IPsec throughputUp to 2Gbps
IPv4 routing protocolRIP, RIP2, OSPF, BGP4
IPv6 routing protocolRIPng, OSPFv3
IPv6 multicastMLD
WAN protocolPPP, PPPoE (Up to 40 sessions)
IKE versionIKEv1, IKEv2
EncryptionAES-256/128, Triple-DES, DES
HashSHA-256, SHA-1,MD5
FirewallNAT/NAPT: Up to 65,534 sessions, SPI: Up to 65,534 sessions
SecurityURL filtering, DHCP device certification, Winny filtering (Winny Version2 compliant), Share filtering (Share ver.1.0 EX2 compliant), MAC address filtering
Line backupWired-wired, L2 keepalive, ICMP keepalive, IPsec keepalive
Load balancingAvailable
QoSPriority queuing, bandwidth control
SNMPv1, v2c, v3
Command lineSSH, TELNET, Serial console
Configuration file transferSFTP, TFTP, SCP
Firmware version upSFTP, TFTP, SCP, external memory
LoggingSyslog, internal: up to 20,000 lines (non-volatile), external memory
Lua scriptAvailable
  1. Power Switch
  2. Power Lamp
  3. ALM Lamp
  4. CONSOLE Port
  5. microSD Slot and Button
  6. microSD Lamp
  7. LAN-1 Port
  8. LAN-2 Port
  9. LAN-3 Port
  10. LAN-4 Port
  11. Expansion Slot
  1. Ventilation Hole
  2. Power Inlet